Thursday, November 6, 2014

Glitz and Glamour {Homecoming 2014}

There is something so beautiful about simplicity.  And that was what I had in mind while searching for my last homecoming dress.  Of course, as most girls do, I drool over the sparkles and shimmer of the many homecoming dresses out there (how can you not? I mean, sparkles!  What's there not to love about that?), but I wanted to stand out from the crowd in my own way. Not by finding the most sparkly, shiny, reflective dress out there, but by doing the exact opposite--finding a nicely-cut dress with one simple "wow" factor.

I teamed up with LuLu*s to find my perfect dress.  They have so many gorgeous dresses to choose from, so it wasn't easy to come up with one dress, but after a thorough search, I finally found the perfect deep red maxi dress.  I was very excited about this dress because:

1.  I had never worn a dress in deep red to Homecoming before.

2.  I immediately fell in love with the jaw-dropping open back! (It definitely had the "wow" factor that I was looking for).
3.  I wanted a dress that was simple, elegant, yet a little sexy.  

This dress was it!  It had everything I was looking for.  Since the dress was simple, I was able to accessorize with a knotted gold necklace, gold t-strap heels, and a super sparkly clutch.  All from LuLu*s.  I can honestly say that this dress is one of my favorites out of all the dresses that I've worn to past dances.

And to top off feeling beautiful in my gorgeous dress made exclusively by LuLu*s, my senior homecoming was a night I'll never forget!  I enjoyed every moment of it spending time with my friends that I adore so much.  We laughed through the evening, and at one point, they had me tearing up with laughter!  There are no memories sweeter than the ones that put a smile on your face.  Props to my hilarious, "studly" date, and our group--you guys are the best!  Thank you for all the laughter, I wouldn't have wanted to spend my night with anyone else.

I'd like to give special thanks to LuLu*s for giving me the opportunity to once again collaborate with them for this memorable event.  I feel so lucky, and am still blown away, to be given the opportunity to get to work with such amazing people, and brands.  Thank you so much for everything. :)

If you have a formal event or school dance to attend, I highly recommend visiting LuLu*s. It's a one stop shop--you can find it all there.  They have so many cute and unique pieces, from dresses to jewelry.

Enjoy, and if you get the chance, leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

What I Wore

Dress: LuLu*s  |  Clutch:  LuLu*s  |  Shoes: LuLu*s  Necklace:  LuLu*s

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  1. So gorgeous! Great color on you!

  2. you look absolutely stunning!!! wish i could wear such a dress <3

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

    1. I'm sure a pretty girl like you could pull it off! Thank you, Nee. <3

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