Monday, January 19, 2015

Le Bunny Bleu

As a high school student who attends college full time, I do a lot of walking around the college campus. Although I love heels and can be seen wearing them quite often, there are days in which it's just not practical to be romping around in anything taller than an inch. So for those days, I wear comfortable flats, loafers, and the likes. Today, I'm featuring these loafers from Le Bunny Blue -- a company that makes vintage-inspired shoes. There motto is, “NEW YORK CITY COOL WITH A EUROPEAN CHIC TWIST.” And they are right on about that! They have the most darling, well made flats with a wide variety of styles. Their shoes are definitely quirky and unique, with a romantic flair.  Head on over to take a look at their website HERE and check out their adorable shoes.

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