Thursday, February 19, 2015

HOT Color Trends

Colors has a way of communicating without words.  It is believed that as humans, we have an "innate reaction to color"; therefore, it influences how we feel, and can be used to influence how others feel as well.  Oh the power of color.

I'm wearing one of my favorite color combos, fuchsia and blue, which is also a couple of the HOT color trends seen on the runways for Spring.  As we head into a sunnier season, expect to see more COLOR, especially the ones featured below.

Let's express ourselves in ways that even words cannot.  To colour!

Blazer: YesStyle no longer avail.
Lace Top and Skirt: Forever21 no longer avail.
Clutch: Lulu's
Pumps: Steve Madden Lulu's

colour2 colour3 colour4 colour1

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