Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hello world,

If you keep up with me on my social media pages, you've probably seen a few posts about a special project that I've been working on. Well today, that special project remains a secret no more--I teamed with to do a video promo for their monthly #ifchic24 event! The whole idea of earning money to shop is insanely clever, and all of their designer pieces are definitely worth saving money for. I even scored a few cute pieces of my own (which will be on the blog soon)! If you're wondering what exactly the #ifchic24 event is, here is a breakdown of it straight from their website:

What is #ifchic24?
#ifchic24 is an exclusive 24 hour promotional event on the 24th of every month at Explore contemporary designers and emerging labels at an amazing price on this day. Redeem up to $180 in ifchic coins on your entire purchase at checkout, including sale items! Shop our buyer's top picks with up to 50% off only on #ifchic24. Don't miss out, and start collecting ifchic coins today!

How long will this event last?
The event lasts the whole day (24 hours) starting at 12:01am ET and ending at 11:59pm ET on the 24th of every month. What happens once the event is over? Starting on the 25th of each month, you can start collecting ifchic coins again for the next #ifchic24. .... Now what are these "coins" you ask? All of your unanswered questions here!

How do ifchic coins work?
An ifchic coin is equivalent to $1 USD. A $2 ifchic coin is equivalent to $2 USD. Each coin will show the value on the coin itself.
Visit out website daily, and you can collect up to $6 per day for 30 days.
Save up to $180 on your entire purchase.
Spend your coins exclusively on #ifchic24 (24th of every month, 24 hours only) Where can I find ifchic coins? Ifchic coins can be collected on different pages of our website. To collect ifchic coins, simply click on the coin and it's collected.

How many can I collect in one day?
You can collect up to $6 in ifchic coins per day.

Do ifchic coins expire?
All unused ifchic coins will expire by the end of our monthly #ifchic24 event at 11:59pm ET on the 24th of every month.

Doing this video was a little odd for me, since I'm not use to acting in front of a camera, but I'm glad we were able to put it together to share with all of you. As you watch, just keep in mind this verbal blooper: during the scene that I'm talking on the phone, I was actually talking about Pizza Hut and how much I love their stuffed crust (no joke)! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, and be sure to visit to earn ifchic coins for your own shopping spree.

xo Kitana

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