Friday, June 26, 2015

Applegate Orchards

Came across this quote on Pinterest today. "The grass is greener where you water it" by Neil Barrington. As a child, I repetitively saw quotes like this one, but I never thought much of any of them. Now that I'm older, I think I can say that I have a better grasp of what it means. Take my recent experience of berry picking, for example. Yesterday, we headed out for some family fun to Applegate Orchards U-Pick farm. Organic and fresh, picking berries really is the best option when buying them in the Summer. Rather than going in the morning, though, we decided to go at around 2pm. It sounds like it'd be extremely unpleasant since we were outside, in the peak of the heat, whilst sweating a shower amongst swarming dragonflies. I, however, didn't find the experience to be unpleasant at all. I actually enjoyed it! Seeing my brother run around, searching for the biggest berries, pointing out every little bug, and posing for mum's keepsake photos, was so warming. My dad bringing out his inner youth by making berry picking a competition game between the boys and the girls. My mum, being like every other moms, running around, trying to capture these sweet family experiences. It was my mum who taught me that there is beauty in everything, whether it be physical or intangible. All it takes is the right mindset, and you can find beauty all around you! Thank you for teaching me that, mum.

xo Kitana

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