Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Graduation & Alice's Pig {Part 1}

I already thought it was sad enough attending the graduation parties last year, but I didn't believe that this year could possibly feel any worse.  Boy, was I wrong.  This past weekend, the Class of 2015, including myself, had to say goodbye to all that we ever knew.  After being in the safe care of our parents and guardians, we are now entering the world and choosing our own paths that stretch far and wide.  Whether it be going to college, joining the military, entering the workforce, traveling the world, or even starting a family, each and every one of us are going our separate ways.  Although I may not have had a close relationship with everyone in my class, all of those familiar faces will now be a simple memory of what made my day at school.  And as for the friendships that I did make, I hope that throughout the course of life we remain as we are, friends.

The most asked question throughout graduation was, "Are you ready for this?"  In response, all I could say was, "Um, no, not really."  But, here's my question, what did everyone mean by "this"?  Did they mean, "Are you ready to walk onto the stage, shake hands with two people, grab your empty diploma cover, and wave to your parents amongst thousands of people?"  I mean, sure, I'm ready for that, if that means not tripping in my heels.  Or did they mean something on a deeper level like, "Are you ready to experience this final moment being amongst every single graduate in your class, and to say goodbye to life as we all knew it?"  Whatever each person had meant when they asked that question, all I could blurt out was "um, no, not really", but the truth is, when I sit down and think about it, I believe that I am as ready as I could ever be.  There is no doubt that I am nervous and somewhat scared of this next phase of life that we call adulthood, but those feelings do not measure up to my readiness for what's to come.

As for this outfit post, here's a pretty, floral spring/summer dress that I wore to one of the twenty graduation parties that I had to attend.  It's bright, it has button embellishments, it came all the way from London, and the fabric is fantastic quality--what's not to love?  And because it's rich in color, pattern, and texture, all I had to add to complete the outfit were simple accessories.  Be sure to visit
 Alice's Pig for more styles like this one, Tiffy's Tokyo Dress . :)

xo, the girl who's actually ready

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Tiffy's Tokyo Dress c/o Alice's Pig

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