Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dream Chaser

A few weeks ago in my calculus class, my professor told us about the beginning of his teaching career and how he taught a below-100-level class. He jokingly said that teaching that class made him sweat bullets. Of course, the class laughed, then a student said to our professor, "It must be frustrating to be smarter than everyone else!" Then, in all seriousness, our professor looked that student in the eyes and said along these lines, "I don't think I'm smarter than everyone else. I've seen the work of so many students with much more intelligent minds compared to mine. They are able to pick up and understand the material quicker than even me. And it upsets me when those students don't apply themselves because I had to work that much harder to understand the same things as them when I was learning the material."

I see my professor as such a brilliant man, and to hear him say those humbled words struck my heart. We all have the potential to be the best of whatever it is we choose to do, we just have to work hard for it--some of us, harder than others.

Each and every one of us has the potential to reach our goals, it's just a matter of whether or not we are willing to completely and indefinitely set our minds to it. I'd hear these exact words from my parents often, but for some reason, they would go from one ear, and out the other.  I guess it's part of being a rebellious teenager, and not wanting to hear what your parents have to say--but now that I have gotten all the teenage angst and rebelliousness out of my system, I finally understand, and appreciate their unwavering guidance and wisdom. With two months left before I graduate from high school, and completing my associate of arts degree at the same time, I can honestly say, I'm ready. Ready to go after my dreams, and set my heart, mind, and soul into achieving them. Here's to dreaming big, and to a bright future ahead! xx Kitana

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